Isbel Pendlebury is an accomplished harpist, composer and qualified music teacher. She is experienced in many genres of music and has been playing the Clarsach for 17 years. Whilst her primary interest is in Scottish traditional music, she enjoys to play a wide variety of styles from Paraguyan harp music to Bluegrass.

Isbel graduated with a 2:1 from Strathclyde University in 2013 in with a Bachelor of arts degree with Honours in Applied Music. As part of this course she studied performance, composition, film scoring, music history, theory and orchestration. She has subsequently earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and is currently working as a secondary school music teacher. Isbel has extensive and impressive performance experience ranging from launches, celebratory dinners, weddings, festivals and exhibitions. She has performed at events in the UK such as the Tartan Heart Festival (Belladrum) in the Highlands and the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow. Outside of Scotland, Isbel has been hired to perform in a variety of venues globally; from Lorient, France at the popular Interceltique music festival to the prestigious members-only Metropolitan Club in New York.


Isbel is available to perform at events such as weddings and ceilidhs.


No matter what kind of wedding ceremony you have chosen, the harp is the perfect instrument to complement your special day. Isbel has extensive experience performing at a range of weddings, from Christmas themed to beach ceremonies. She is happy to arrange any music you wish to have played on your special day, compose you an original piece or help you choose from an extensive selection of music.

The Clarsach is not only an accessible instrument that can easily be taken to venues off the beaten track but its gentle warming sound is the perfect fit for your special day. Whether you wish to hear the harp throughout the ceremony, or later on in the day while your guests are dining Isbel is happy to accommodate your wishes.

“Isbel’s harp playing was one of the most beautiful parts of our wedding day. In the midst of all the riotous fun there was a period of such peace, people were bewitched.”

– Imogen Boddington



Alongside her day job as a fully qualified secondary school music teacher, Isbel has taught and continues to teach a range of private pupils.

These clients range from those taking up the clarsach in childhood to those pursuing it as a hobby in their retirement. Isbel tailors her approach to suit the wishes and requirements of the individual, whether learning for fun or with a view to sitting examinations.

“I really enjoy Izzie’s lessons. She is an insightful teacher who can explain techniques clearly. She is encouraging, unfailingly patient, and makes learning the harp great fun.” – Marjorie Paterson

As a result of her experience as a secondary music teacher, Isbel can not only offer bespoke and original Clarsach lessons but she can also deliver music literacy lessons or tutoring for those studying music from National 5 through to Advanced Higher.


In addition to offering lessons Isbel has a clarsach that can be used for rent.


A melody is the perfect personalised gift for someone special. Whether to celebrate a birth, a marriage or as a simple gift, it is a piece that can be played and enjoyed for years to come.

Isbel is an avid composer and composes many pieces for performance for solo harp and for her duo ‘Turadh’. In addition to this she can compose any songs you would like from a lively Jig to a soothing lullaby.

When finished you can opt to have your composition hand drawn and decorated. Have a listen to some examples of personalised compositions below and contact for further information.

Bad Wolf
This piece took me a few years to complete. Though it was originally a piece written just for harp I knew it needed a bigger sound so the final piece is for Clarsach, Fiddle, Bass and Guitar. I have to credit Dorian Cloudsley (Guitar), Laura Wilkie (Fiddle) and Angus Tikka (Bass) for writing their own parts.

Cairds Cave
I wrote this piece about the caves at the end of Rosemarkie beach, it’s a beautiful place that holds many memories for me. Performing in this track is Violinist Emma Donald.

The Offensive Canary
While at University I took inspiration from the other styles of music that surrounded me. I have always been inspired by Jazz music but it is a style that I didn’t have the chance to play till later on.

Clear Light
Written for my mother.

The Loon Mountain Adventure
The Loon Mountain Adventure was written in 2010 and was inspired by an amazing trip to New Hampshire to play at the New Hampshire highland games. It was arranged and released in as a set with ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for Dan’ for Turadh in 2015.

Compositions for Others

The Odd Couple
Written for Imogen Church and Stephen Boddington on their wedding day.

Rubies Lullaby
Written for Rubie Howarth’s 1st birthday.

Amy’s Song
Written for the birth of Amy Edmunds.

“Having commissioned Isbel to compose a piece of music to mark the birth of our niece we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. A beautiful lullaby; a unique and timeless gift. There is no doubt we will be requesting further pieces for future occasions.”

– Catriona Mclaughlin





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