Highland Branch of the Clarsach Society harp afternoon

On Sunday the 19th of March the final clarsach workshop in a set of three that had been provided by the Highland Branch of the Clarsach society took place. I currently sit as convenor on the branch and at our previous meeting back in November we all thought these workshops would be a great way to kick-start 2017.

Local tutor Cheyenne Brown along with myself taught the two groups of participants over the three months with this final day taking place at the beautiful RNI chapel in Inverness.

The concert gave the participants a chance to perform what they had learnt over the course of the three workshops and a chance for them hear us two tutors perform too. We also had a fantastic performance from participant Susanne Llyod Jones and partner who performed some great Irish pieces giving us a flavour of St. Patricks day that had just passed.

A huge thank-you to all at the board for all the organisation put in to arranging these workshops and advertising the concert. It was great to see so many at the concert and funds raised go towards enabling us to put on more concerts and workshops in the future.

Find out more about the branch by following the link below.


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