Turadh update!

My duo Turadh have been very busy the last few months so here is a quick update of some of the things we have been getting up to.

We have been recording our first Cd over the past few months and sorting all the mastering, artwork and producing that goes with this! A big learning curve for us both but we are soo excited to share it with you, so stay tuned for a release date for this!

In the meantime we finally got round to having some photos taken, a selection of which I have added below. Photos were taken by my photographer friend (it’s good to know people!) Matti Kremer; https://mkremerphotography.000webhostapp.com/ who also took my pictures for this website. It was a long day of running between locations and trying to get pictures between big gusts of wind but we really enjoyed it and the results are great. Slightly more classy than the original pictures we took ourselves standing in front of Emma’s garden shed.



We have also been working with another friend of mine Tuesday Stevenson;  http://www.tuesdaystevenson.com/ who has been working on a logo and branding for us. We both loved this design (see logo at the top of the page) the moment we saw it so it was definitely the winner and we are thrilled we can finally share it! We can’t wait to start making our own merchandise so you might see our logo printed on a t-shirt soon enough…


Lastly our website is nearly complete so you can hear directly all about what Turadh are getting up to and hear some of our new tracks! So again watch this space we shall be shouting about it as soon as it is up and running! I have unfortunately been recovering from a broken knee so as soon as I can walk again we will be back out and gigging but keep checking as we have a few lined up already.

Phew, a lot to keep track of!

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