Turadh Website and Debut Album

I am thrilled to announce our website and Cd are finally complete!

Our debut Cd is called ‘Arenite’ and features six of our sets, all original music composed by the two of us.

As we are both based in the Ross-shire area we wanted to try and incorporate this geography into our Cd design. The area, particularly the Black Isle where I am from, features a lot of red sandstone in it’s geology from which we got the idea for the name of the Cd ‘Arenite’. As for the background we took inspiration from our photo-shoot earlier in the year which took place in a variety of locations one being by the sea. The first track on the Cd is one we collaborated on called The Tempest so it seemed very fitting to chose the sea as our background.

The Cd costs £5.99 and is available to purchase on our website (see information below), i-tunes and amazon music. It is also available to listen to for free on spotify and will soon be available on our soundcloud.




As for our website, I have to give credit to Emma. She put in a lot of work getting our website up and running and we are both so pleased with it. You can find out a little more about us, our up-coming gigs, listen to and purchase our Cd and we even have our first music video available to watch so please do go and have a look and leave us a comment!


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